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On this occasion in August, the Ecology Foundation together with the BPSPL Padang Satker Tanjungpinang, Marine and Fisheries Department of Kepri province, and Communication and Information Department of Bintan Regency, had the opportunity to release the baby sea turtles from the Hawksbill Turtle species resqued by the Mapur Mutiara Conservation Group, totaling 78. The baby sea turtles that hatch come from the eggs that have been relocated to a semi-artificial nest found by the Conservation group at Busung Mentigi Beach.

Based on the results of monitoring and recording, 12 nests of Green and Hawksbill turtles were found during the 2020 period originating from several nesting locations including Busung Mentigi, Sunak Beach, Songseng Beach, Tanjungujung Beach, and Pulau Ledang. The number of nests found has increased considerably due to the reduced activity of tourists who usually visit the turtle nesting areas. However, on the other hand, there has been an increase in the activity of collecting turtle eggs to be traded on one of the islands which are the landing sites for turtle nesting. This is based on a report from one of the residents who received this information.

Therefor, let us increase self-awareness in supporting marine conservation efforts by keeping the environment clean and refusing to consume turtle eggs and supporting the monitoring activities of Conservation groups on the island of Bintan.


Ecology Foundation continues to support by socializing and educating the society regarding protected marine fauna that have been established by the government and the IUCN.

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