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Hi Ecology Friends!

Now the issue of sludge oil that often pollutes the coastal and marine areas of Bintan is becoming a common concern. How come? This problem has harmed various parties. From the fisheries sector, tourism, and even public health. This phenomenon occurs every north wind season at the end of the year. Then what is sludge oil and how can this phenomenon occur?

What is Sludge Oil?

Sludge Oil is waste or oil deposits in the form of heavy metals, which are widely disposed of by international ships in the Singapore strait. Oil sludge consists of oil (hydrocarbon), water, ash, tank rust, sand, and other chemicals. Sludge oil is also commonly defined as oil sludge containing heavy metal compounds with characteristics that are difficult to clean by water, so that it can threaten environmental health in coastal areas and coral reefs (Sebayang, 2017).

This phenomenon usually occurs due to marine utilization activities, such as tanker ship operations, ship repair and maintenance (docking), transportation and other activities. Based on Government Regulation (PP) No. 101 of 2014, sludge oil waste is included in the category of B3 waste (Hazardous and Toxic Materials).

Then which sectors are harmed by this sludge oil?

Speaking of environmental aspects, the threat of sludge oil waste has been felt by coastal communities in the northern region of Bintan Island. The expanse of sludge oil in Bintan has disturbed the balance of marine life, even reaching the shores of the island of Bintan. This has worried the fishermen, because the pollution of Sludge Oil waste has resulted in a decrease in fishing in the sea (KKP, 2021). In the health aspect, fear of sea water pollution can have an impact on the health of coastal communities and the cleanliness of sea water. Another significant impact is the economic threat on Bintan Island. The economic potential of tourism in Bintan is a fairly vital sector, so the threat of Sludge Oil waste really needs to be addressed. Sludge Oil waste pollution in Bintan is very disturbing the comfort of local and international tourists. The puddle of black oil mud has inundated the beach sand on several coastlines which have become a vacation spot for local and foreign tourists.

Therefore, sludge oil pollution which has threatened the environment for marine biota, the health of coastal communities and the economic potential of tourism in coastal areas, law enforcement must be pursued. The phenomenon of sludge oil waste pollution in Bintan is practically carried out in the international sea, which means that it cannot be ensnared by Indonesian law. Indonesia needs to fight for its national interests related to sludge oil waste in various international forums or use NGO media as partners to build a perception of the threat of waste in Bintan as a global threat.

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