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In order to expand the network and assist in educating the public. We provide opportunities for students to get involved in all activities carried out by the Ecology Foundation. Ecology Foundation creates an internship program with the aim of providing students with experience in the field of environmental conservation, research and education to the community. In addition, those of you who are engaged in similar fields can apply and practice their expertise directly in our various programs.

The interns at the Ecology Foundation must have their own programs that they want to pursue. As an example of our intern from the College of Fisheries, since March has made an interesting resume about his interest in apprenticeship. They make a scheme of activities that they want to pursue in the field of research. Besides in the field of research they are taught to understand the analysis of social problems in the communities around the Conservation Area in Bintan, directly involved to provide support to all Ecology Foundation programs in accordance with their abilities.

Alifa and Lilis, students of the Jakarta College of Fisheries have made an internship scheme at the Ecology Foundation for three months from March to May. They made a carbon research scheme on the mangrove and seagrass ecosystems in Bintan. In this case we collaborate with BPSPL Padang, Marine and Fisheries Department (DKP Kepulauan Riau Province), and UMRAH.

In addition to carrying out the scheme to be pursued, interns are also involved in various programs such as planting trees on degraded land, helping with socio-economic analysis of tourism activities in Bintan, knowing the zoning system of conservation zones, and knowledge of the mechanism of developing independent research.

For students interested in the Ecology Foundation internship program can contact us at For students who do not have the opportunity to intern for a long time, you can also be part of us by registering yourself as an Ecology Foundation volunteer.

For more information, you can follow us on social media @yayasan.ecology

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