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Marine protected areas have a very important role both ecologically and economically, so their management must be a top priority. The purpose of establishing a marine protected area is to protect the entire socio-ecological system, improve the socio-economic status of local communities, develop ecotourism and encourage the preservation of traditional culture. Effective management of marine protected areas will not only protect biodiversity but will also support sustainable fisheries management and economic development through marine ecotourism activities.

Marine protected areas and ecotourism are mutually supportive units in concept of ecotourism development is in line with the mission of managing conservation areas. Ecotourism is a strategy in the development of conservation areas, both are symbiotic mutualism, where ecotourism requires conservation areas and conservation areas require ecotourism.

One of the potentials and tourist destinations in the Bintan Marine Protected Area is Mapur Tourism Village and Pengudang Tourism Village. Mapur village is known for the beauty of the underwater along the coast of the island. A tourist spot that is rich with various types of marine life.

The Mapur Tourism Village is located on Mapur Island, Bintan Pesisir District, Bintan Regency. It takes 45 minutes by speedboat to get to Mapur Island. The beach with white sand and large rocks is characteristic of Mapur Island. Besides the beautiful beaches, Mapur Island has many snorkeling and diving spots. While diving, tourists can see one of the diverse marine species such as giant shells or called Kima, sea cucumbers, and many more species that can be found. Other dive spots are snorkeling spots at Taman Kima, Pantai Belakang snorkeling spots, and Songeng beach snorkeling spots. Besides that, tourists are welcomed by various types of marine life such as turtles, clownfish, and various other species which will also add to their own experience.



Besides snorkeling and diving, in Mapur Village, tourists can also doing turtles release. This is also a turtle conservation effort carried out by the local Pokmas. Pokmas routinely supervises and monitors the turtles that lay their eggs around the beach, then the turtle eggs are relocated to the existing turtle hatchery to avoid natural predators and irresponsible human activities.

Not only that, the development of the tourism industry on the island of Mapur has greatly boosted the local economy. The presence of community-based lodgings such as lodging/homestays, restaurants, and various other local businesses makes the economic level of the residents improve.

Apart from Mapur Tourism Village, another tourist destination within the Bintan Conservation Area is Pengudang Tourism Village. Pengudang Tourism Village is one of the community-based tourism that has existed on Bintan Island. Its location not far from Trikora Beach makes this destination visited by many local tourists and of course tourists from other areas. Environmental-based tourism managed by the local community of Pengudang Village is one of the local open-air tourist destinations that can be visited. If you want to take the time to enjoy and admire the natural beauty of Bintan Island, Pengudang Tourism Village is one of the best places. There are several tourist attractions in Pengudang Tourism Village, ranging from mangrove tours where tourists can get tours and education about mangroves, beautiful beach tours, and snorkeling spots that present underwater beauty that is still maintained by its coral reef ecosystem.

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