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On July 7th 2020, Ecology Foundation together with Marine and Fisheries Department Kepulauan Riau Province (DKP)  and BPSPL Padang had held a meeting to collect input and information to the Bintan-01 Zoning Plan. It focused on the zoning plans for coastal areas and small islands (RZWP3K) and special economic area (KEK) which intersects to the KKPD Bintan. As DKP mentioned that at this moment, KKPD Bintan is not accommodated in the RZWP3K due to the new regulation, so in the future that the management and utilization have to be clear. Afterwards, the water flow had become  important discussion, the port, and reclamation in the special economic area (KEK), which it will influence the KKPD Bintan and will be discussed later. The BPSPL Padang suggested that for the Marine Mammals Observation to put in the other zone, and it will be covered in the management plan not in the zonation plan, and they remind for  KKPD there are only four zones namely core zone, utilization zone, sustainable zone, and other zone.

In the second meeting on July 15th 2020, attended by DKP Kepri, Ecology Foundation, BPSPL Padang, Fisheries Department Bintan, and UMRAH. The topic discussion are determination method, bio-ecology survey location, and the method of Social economy survey. The bio-ecology survey aims to complement the data in the core zone such as corals, coral fish, and others. This survey will adopt the method from LIPI, and the locations are in seven areas in Mapur village, Numbing village, Mantang and Kawal. The social economy survey aims to know how big the impact for fisheries community and support the management plan for KKPD Bintan.

The survey will take the Focus Group Discussion method, follows the expert guidance, and the coastal fishermen as the target. The locations are Pengudang village, Teluk Bakau village, Malang rapat village, Kawal, Mapur Village, Mantang village, Numbing village, Kelong village, and Air glubi village. The role of the carrying capacity of community institutions in conservation areas is an important factor which will provide confirmation, supports, and managing together within the area to be defined. Ecology foundation gave recommendation in terms of formation of social economy team survey, consists of Ecology, DKP Kepri Province, BPSPL Padang, and Fisheries facilitator in Bintan Regency. Meanwhile for the bio-ecology team, the local expert will be involved are Muin Sinaga from Fisheries Department of Bintan Regency,  and Aulia rahman from DKP Kepri Province.

After the first and second meeting at DKP office, Ecology foundation did some strengthening of the team  by doing simulation and discussing survey method. This aims for each participants can be more mature and ready to do the survey and social economy and bio-ecology.

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