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Marine protected area is an important area that supports the lives of many people for fishing, tourism and other activities. The implementation of effective marine protected area management depends on the support of community groups who rely on the sea for their livelihoods, such as fishermen, as well as local communities who use the sea as their business activities. User groups will not support conservation areas if they do not know the benefits of conservation on the sustainability of their businesses and activities, especially in improving the economy due to the development of new business opportunities.

From August to September the DKP Kepri, Ecology Foundation, FIKP UMRAH and other stakeholders revise the proposal and update the proposed Zoning Plan of the Bintan MPA which currently has a total area of ​​138,561.62 Ha and has a core zone with an area of ​​2,101.87 Ha. The area of ​​important aquatic habitats, seagrass ecosystems and coral reefs with a portion of 12.44% as a conservation target in the Bintan MPA.






The Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Riau Island Province (DKP Kepri) has allocated a number of locations that will become conservation areas called Bintan MPA (KK Bintan). In order to fulfill the requirements for determination by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the proposal for the final document of the Zoning Plan for Bintan MPA has been proposed, and is awaiting the results of the review.

Referring to Article 31 of Permen KP No. 31 of 2020, the Marine protected area Management Plan is prepared by SUOP within a maximum period of 6 (six) months after the Marine Protected Area is determined by the Minister MMAF. As part of the preparation for the establishment of the Bintan MPA (KK Bintan), it is necessary to immediately prepare personnel who will be involved in the planning and management of the Bintan MPA (KK Bintan) through capacity building activities carried out with a Training-Workshop approach.

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