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Today on March 4th 2020, Ecology Foundation took apart in the action of handling stranded marine mammals at Malang Rapat Village together with BPSPL Padang Satker Tanjungpinang, Marine and Fisheries Department (DKP Kepulauan Riau Province), Malang Rapat village and UPTD Marine Services Gunung Kijang Sub-district.

This stranded Marine mammal is classified as Dugong (Dugong dugon) or commonly known as Duyung. This endangered mammals was found by fisherman around 07.45 A.M in total of two Dugongs, one caught dead and one alived and released back to the sea.

Based on observation, this seagrass-eating mammals is a female with body length 178 cm and weight of 115 kg. Later the body of the Dugong will be preserved by being deep frozen to become research material by LIPI.

We suggest to you Ecology’s pal to report to BPSPL or any kind of relevant agencies in case found or noticed the stranded Marine Mammals around Kepulauan Riau Province.

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