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On Friday June 8th 2020, Ecology foundation has been planted second phase in Buton island, Air glubi village, Bintan Pesisir sub-District, Bintan Regency. As the first planting, which is not allowed to gather in public area due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this activity was attended by village officials, International organization of Migration representatives, Nikoi and Cempedak island representatives, Botany expert, local communities and environmentally conscious community in small island, Air glubi village.

The type of plant being planted was the same as before, which are 200 seedlings of Mahoni (Swietenia macrophylla), 100 seedlings of Pines (Casuarina equisetifolia), and 300 seedlings of Ketapang (Terminalia catappa). Those seedlings are provided by Mr. Sukirno, whom active as a local farmer in Bintan island, collaborated with Ecology foundation since the first phase of planting on March 2020. Mr Sukirno is an Awardee of Kalpataru 2014 category of environmental pioneer from the Ministry of  Environment.

He has produced 200.000 different seedlings every year for greening program in Bintan. There are lots of information and experiences has been built, such as preparation of the seedlings, stress handling process, transport of plants, and the planting process. This has become his concern so that the success rate of planting will reach a higher percentage than the mortality because the soil texture at the planting site is ex-bauxite mining land and its become more challenging to change the barren land into greener and more productive land , which can be utilized by the locals.

The planting pattern were carried out as the first phase, by making the 50cm wide,  30cm depth, and by 3x3m space. The area that was planted is 0,4 Ha from total 2,7Ha for rehabilitation in Buton island. There are various types of fertilizers for the treatment of the holes, such as compost, black soil, and organic liquid fertilizer, to support and increase the nutrient in each hole.

The planting implementation in June also attended by the local community, namely the Environmental Care Community of the small island, Air Glubi village. They have taken part and are actively carrying out environmental activities such as tree planting, and being active in fighting plastic waste on the coastal area on a small island. It is a big concern that the Ecology Foundation will involve the community in the context of a sustainable environmental conservation program in small islands.

On June 26th 2020, Ecology Foundation conducted monitoring after planting phase 2. Based on the monitoring results, several trees were found that were critical condition and dead. There were 46 critical trees and 49 trees died out of a total of 1000 that had been planted in first and second planting. In conclusion, the planting has succeed 95% and this is a good achievement in  rehabilitation activity.

We would like to thank to various parties who were involved and supported in this rehabilitation activity. We hope that we can continue to collaborate with the community, government and other parties in efforts to reforest critical land and this coastal critical land rehabilitation program can be sustainable.

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