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Today, May 12th, 2020, the Pokmas Mutiara Mapur has reported to the Ecology Foundation regarding the hatching of sea turtles eggs from the translocation in Busung Mentigi Beach to Mapur Island. From a total of 80 eggs, 77 of baby hawksbill turtles hatched successfully. In the institutional agenda of Pokmas Mutiara Mapur group, turtle nesting patrols are a priority to carried out around Mapur Island, in land and by sea transportation routes. Some nests that found by the group, recorded in the original nest by notes and marking with a simple tool so that the nest of the turtles avoided from predators, and known the duration to hatch, and some turtle eggs are carried out translocated to remain controlled by conservation groups in the mapur village.


Based on the group observations, there was an increase in 2020 from the number of nests that were found from the previous year on Mapur Island, and by the middle of the year, the conservation group had recorded more than 30 turtle nests on the mapur island. The increase in the number of turtle nests also occurred in several locations in the District of Bintan as a result of the reduction in tourism activities as a result of Covid-19 which has hit the world globally which has a positive impact on the environment.


This conservation action becomes an important factor to maintain the sustainability of the target resources, namely turtles, against the background of the still rampant trade in turtle eggs, carapace, and turtle meat amongst us. Awareness to all stakeholders to always look after and supervise is highly expected so this target resource will always be sustainable in our oceans.


As the habit that always implemented by the group after the turtle hatches, they will invite the surroundings community both adults and young children to participate in preserve and release the baby sea turtles to the wildlife around mapur island.

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