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Hello Ecology Friends,

Did you know that?

On November 16th-17th 2021, the Training Workshop of Bintan MPA Management Planning was held at Comforta Hotel, Tanjungpinang. This two-day activity is a continuation of the training workshop activities that have been carried out previously on September 20th-21st  2021. This activity was guided by three speakers, they are Mr. Dr. Ateng Supriatna, M.Sc from CI Indonesia, Mr. Dr. M. Fedi A. Sondita, M.Sc from IPB University, and Mr. Harry Prima from Bappeda of Riau Islands.

Well, Friends of Ecology, different from the previous training workshop, in this training workshop the participants were divided into three blocks/groups, namely the Socio-Economic Block, the Biophysical Block, and the Governance Block. Here, each block discusses the various target resources contained in the Bintan MPA based on the aspects that become their focus. In addition, the participants also discussed threats, protection and conservation activities, forms of use, partnership plans and conservation area management networks, as well as outputs and outcomes related to the target resources in the Bintan MPA.

It should also be noted that the participants must also develop SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievement Oriented, Realistic, and Timely Bound) related to the management of target resources within the conservation area. On the first day, the participants discussed the target resources for coral reefs which then on the second day continued to discuss the target resources for mangroves and seagrasses.

The participants in this second training workshop are still the same as the previous training workshop, involved the stakeholders associated with the Bintan MPA include several government agencies, university, representatives of tourism actors, and representatives of fishermen's NGOs in the Riau Islands.

With the holding of this second training workshop, it is hoped that the Bintan MPA Management Plan can be realized soon. After this training workshop, it is necessary to hold further discussions with related parties, especially the Marine and Fishery Department of  Riau Islands Province and also Marine and Fisheries Ministry. We really hope that the management of the Bintan MPA will have a significant impact on improving the economy of the local communities in the Bintan MPA.

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