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In an effort to adjust the Bintan MPA Zoning Plan with the PERMEN KP No. 31 of 2020, we coordinate and hold several meetings with DKP Prov. Kepri and BPSPL Padang Satker Tanjungpinang and FIKP UMRAH. We focus on mapping and recalculating zoning and confirmation to several villages within the Conservation Area including the Core Zone in the Bintan MPA - 01. Apart from the Core Zone, Utilization Zones (Capture Fisheries Sub-Zone, Aquaculture Sub-Zone, Tourism Sub-Zones and Other Zones (Port Zone, Rehabilitation Zone, Zone Area According to Characteristics) were discussed in a coordination meeting held with DKP Prov. Kepri during February 2021. We hope this will become a good foundation for DKP Prov. Kepri in implementing Public Consultation and Technical Consultation in the Zoning Plan which will be carried out in the future.






























The Bintan Marine Protected Area Campaign is an effort to raise awareness to community groups about the importance of Conservation Areas, such as school children, youth and women's groups. This campaign includes several actions and activities, including a Talk Show involving several sources such as the Governor of the Riau Islands, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, CI Indonesia, UMRAH and KKP. Turtle and Sea Horse Release, Coral Reef Transplantation, UMKM Bazaar are also a series of actions and activities in this campaign.

In preparation we have coordinated with several institutions such as the Bintan Regency Culture and Tourism Office, DKP Riau Islands Province, CI Indonesia and FIKP UMRAH regarding support and participation in this Campaign.

We hope that all these preparations can go well and the Bintan-01 Marine Protected Area Campaign activities can be carried out well too.

We also consulted with Pak Fedi as an expert regarding the Bintan MPA 01 Zoning Plan. Strategies for monitoring the Bintan MPA 01, information that can enrich the Zoning Plan Document covering protected marine biota migration routes, the quality of coral reef cover this time.

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Preparation for the Campaign Bintan MPA

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