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Workshop Concept Patrol System
For Bintan MPA

ecology foundation/03-08-2022

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Hello Ecology Friends!

Did you know that...

On March 8th-9th 2022, the “Workshop on Monitoring System for Conservation Areas in Waters in the Eastern Region of Bintan Island” was held at CK Tanjungpinang Hotel and Convention Center. This workshop was held in order to discuss the monitoring system for the Conservation Area in the East Coastal Area of ​​Bintan Island (Bintan MPA) after this conservation area was established by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

This event was held by the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Riau Islands Province in collaboration with the Ecology Foundation by inviting representatives from related agencies, diving tourism businesses, hoteliers, fisheries business players, fishermen associations, and several village heads. In addition, the workshop also invited two experts, they are Dr. Ir. Muhammad Fedi Alfiadi Sondita, M.Sc. (Bogor Agricultural Institute) and Dr. Ateng Supriatna, A.Pi, M.Sc. (Conservation Indonesia) and other spokesmen were Ruspan Saputra (DKP of Riau Islands Province), Mohammad Hafif (Head of the Tanjungpinang-Bintan PSDKP Supervisory Unit), and Azman Gunawan (DKP of Riau Islands Province).


On the first day, the workshop was welcomed and opened by the Head of the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Riau Islands Province, Dr. H.T.S Arif Fadillah, S.Sos, M.Sc. The material begins with a presentation from the Riau Islands Province DKP regarding the status of the conservation area, geographic coverage, resources, responsibilities of the Provincial DKP and the role of stakeholders, as well as potential threats to the Bintan Conservation Area, operational objectives and strategies to be determined by the Bintan Conservation Area Manager. Followed by a presentation from the Head of Batam PSDKP Base regarding enforced regulations, PSDKP monitoring network, community participation, Bintan MPA supervision concept.

The activity was continued with a panel discussion on the support of the Regency/City Government in the context of the effectiveness of Bintan MPA supervision. The second day was followed by a panel discussion on the support of provincial level offices, businessmen, District and Village Governments in the context of effective supervision of Bintan MPA. The participants took part in this workshop with great enthusiasm, this can be seen from their active participation in the discussion process.


From this workshop on the Bintan MPA supervision system, information was obtained that in order to carry out supervision of Bintan MPA, the performance of the SUOP (Management Organization Unit) will be assisted by fisheries supervisors, from the province or central, Polsus PWP3K (Special Police for the Management of Coastal Areas and Islands). Small), and Pokmaswas (Community Monitoring Group). The Pokmaswas under the supervision of Bintan MPA does not act as a law enforcement officer, but reports if there is a criminal act in the conservation area.

We genuinely hope that by holding this Bintan MPA supervision workshop, it can provide awareness to relevant parties about the importance of their involvement in the implementation of Bintan MPA supervision. It is hoped that the synergy in the supervision of conservation area between related agencies, tourism operators, businessmen, and needless to say the community can be carried out well to realize the effectiveness of the management of Bintan MPA.

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