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Training Workshop POKMASWAS
For Bintan MPA

ecology foundation/03-10-2022

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Hello Ecology Friends!

Did you know that...

In managing of Bintan MPA, one thing that the Riau Islands Provincial Government must prepare is to establish a Monitoring System for Bintan MPA. The Surveillance System certainly involves stakeholders, both those from the fisheries and tourism sectors, where their involvement is formed in the form of Local Community (POKMASWAS). This is one of the efforts in realizing an optimal monitoring system in accordance with the objects related to priority conserved resources and potential violations of the law in Bintan MPA and its surroundings.

To realize the Surveillance System, on March 10 – 11, 2022, a Local Community Monitoring training for Bintan MPA will be held at New Marjoly Beach Resort, in Bintan. This activity was attended by the SUOP KK Bintan team, representatives of fishermen associations as well as representatives of Pokmaswas and village heads from Mapur Village, Numbing Village, Berakit Village, Mantang Village, Kawal, and Teluk Bakau Gunung Kijang District by involving resource persons from the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Riau Islands Province, BPSPL Padang, Batam PSDKP Tanjungpinang – Bintan, and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, University of IPB.


This activity was carried out with the aim of introducing Bintan MPA as an object, providing a refresher on the principles and management of Bintan MPA, explaining the meaning and purpose of Bintan MPA, explaining how the local community monitoring in Bintan MPA, explaining the authority of the supervisory community group in the supervision Bintan MPA, explaining surveillance strategy for Bintan MPA as well as preparing a work plan for the monitoring community group.

"Actually this workshop is very good, we have to revive the spirit with monitoring." Mr. Jamal, Head of LPSTK in Mapur Village.

"This activity is very good, so there is enlightenment, later we can say what we want to say and we can put it there, we can make commitments for the future." Mr. Darmansyah, Head of the Mutiara Mapur Conservation Local Community.


This proves that Local Community still have the passion and commitment to manage and monitoring Bintan MPA. Therefore, with this activity, it is hoped that participants who attend or Local Community who will be involved in Bintan MPA Survellience System later, can have knowledge and understand the meaning and purpose of conservation monitoring and have the ability to develop Pokmaswas programs in the Context of Survellience of Bintan MPA.


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