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Ocean is a place where all substances and residues from human activites carried out in land. Water from the mainland that carries all the dissolved substances in it along with decomposed or unraveled waste, which is plastic waste. The plastic waste can be crushed into smaller size or the origin form.


The problem of plastic pollution in the sea has become a global problem. Every year, the world's oceans must bear the burden of plastic waste up to 12.7 million tons. Indonesia came in second place in the list of the 20 countries that throwed plastic waste into the sea.


Although there has no valid data globally, research revealed that 80% of marine litter from land ends up in the ocean, and that is plastic. Besides interrupting the marine biota, Plastic waste also disrupts human activity itself in the ocean, and it can be harming for the environment so that it reduced the aesthetics of a residential or coastal area, which has a potential to be developed as a tourism destination.


Throwing the garbage to the yard and the shore as a habit for the society whom don’t realize the consequences for years from generation to generation , so that the awareness such as socialization becomes very essential to reduce and change their mindset. This also has become the main problem in Bintan island so do the small islands.


Some time ago, Ecology foundation together with local residents and staffs of government has been doing beach clean up around residential areas which as the entrance for locals and guests whom come to visit from overseas to savor the nature which known as its marine tourism for long time ago. It really needs to be instilled through real action together and socialization continuously so that people realize how great the natural potential they have so that they themselves can maintain and manage the natural wealth.


From the action, carried out for approximately three hours, various types of rubbish were collected including plastic bottles, glass bottles, used cloth, Styrofoam, plastic food wrappers, even electronic equipment waste and household furniture. The rubbish is collected and transferred to a village garbage facility.


In addition to the actions carried out with residents, the teams and guests from neighbor countries who came to visit for a holiday also took action to clean the beach at several beach locations that became the icon of Mapur Village, including pantai belakang and Songseng. This activity is routinely carried out in order to increase the awareness of residents, that the foreigners who come to visit also have concerned for the area they visited.

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