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On September 20th-21st 2021, the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Riau Islands Province collaboration with Yayasan Ecology Kepulauan Riau (YEKR) held a Training Workshop on the Management of Bintan MPA at the CK Hotel and Convention Center, Tanjungpinang. The agenda was opened by the Head of the Riau Islands Province Marine and Fisheries, Dr. H.T.S. Arif Fadillah, S. Sos.

This training was attended by several government agencies, universities, representatives of tourism actors, and representatives of fishing NGOs who will later be involved in the management plan of the Bintan MPA. The Speaker in this training are Mr. Dr. Ateng Supriatna, M.Sc and Dr. M. Fedi A. Sondita, M.Sc. This training aims to train participants in developing a management plan for the Bintan MPA.

On the first day, this activity discusses national/regional policies on the management of the Bintan MPA, evaluates readiness to prepare a management plan, recognizes and determines priority resources, identifies threats experienced or threatens conservation priority resources, and formulates problems to be addressed. While on the second day, the activity discussed the conceptual model of the initial assessment results, management objectives, management plan concepts, and management strategies.

With this Training Workshop, it is hoped that the preparation of a management plan for the Bintan MPA can be realized in Bintan Regency. The realization of the conservation area will be very beneficial for the community so that it can support the community's economy, especially the people in the Bintan MPA.

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